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Myths about auto transportation

MYTH #1: NEVER PAY A DEPOSIT. Companies will not deliver



YOUR DEPOSIT IS PROTECTED BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE Regulation Z under the Truth in Lending Act for credit cards and Regulation E under the Electronic Funds Transfer Act for debit cards.  Credit Card Merchants have rules too!  We can under no circumstances take a deposit and never perform a service.  Per our terms and conditions if your order is cancelled prior to 30 days a $50.00 early cancellation fee will be kept.  Anytime after 30 days with your written consent we will cancel your order and refund all monies received.  Once a carrier has been assigned to your vehicle your deposit is no longer refundable because we have rendered a service and that is to assign a carrier to pick up your vehicle.  In the event the driver is unable to pick up your vehicle and it is within the 30 days time frame we will continue to find another carrier.

Furthermore, the competitors may not charge your card but they will have you sign a contract and require you to provide your card number in the event the terms of the contract are broken.  That contract legally binds you to the terms that they have set forth.  Make sure you read it carefully.  We have seen verbiage on some of the competitors contracts up to and including, "once the contract is signed the broker will use the credit card on file then keep your deposit as it is not refundable."  Even if they don't charge your card now they can at anytime, even after you have cancelled due to this verbiage.

We charge your card to insure we are dealing with a customer who is serious about getting his or her vehicle moved.  We can and will not waste resources getting a vehicle moved that is not a bona fide order.

Don't get swindled into all the frivolous marketing scams.  We have been in business since July 2004.  We know how this business works. 

MYTH #2: Free Gas Voucher or other Free Perks for shipping your car.


If it’s too good to be true then it’s false.

Look at some of the breaking news we heard about Gas Vouchers


For a list of more..Google "Gas Voucher Scam". 

MYTH #3: We have our own trucks.


We do too.  It’s just not the one your car is going to be shipped on.  There are over 2500 different combinations of pickup and destinations.  There is not one carrier out there that can handle every combination.  They will always turn to another carrier to subcontract your move.  Don’t worry this industry is regulated by the Department of Transportation.  You can verify what type Authority a company has by visiting the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) http://li-public.fmcsa.dot.gov/LIVIEW/pkg_carrquery.prc_carrlist

All you need is the MC# or you can search by company name and state.  You can verify how long a company has been in business and if they own any trucks.  Check us out. Here is our MC #494247.  Now that leads us into the next MYTH.

MYTH #4: Don’t use a broker. Find someone with their own trucks is more secure.


Brokers are your best option.  We take the foot work away from the customer.  We have access to any and every driver in the United States.  There are over 3000 different owner operators in the business of shipping cars.  The routes change so frequently and we stay on top of it here at ASAP AUTO SHIPPING.  Drivers cannot answer calls and book orders.  We are relied on heavily to keep their trucks loaded. Furthermore, we make sure the drivers have the correct licenses and insurance.  Don’t be fooled, there are lots of drivers and brokers who do not have the authority to operate.  You should verify that.  On second thought, we will do that for you.

MYTH #5: You can buy insurance to cover your vehicle.


The driver is fully responsible for any physical damage done to the vehicle while it is in his possession.  Note:  Driver is not responsible for any acts of God.  There is no insurance company out there that will insure a vehicle that may not exist for an undetermined amount of money.  There are companies that will provide GAP insurance for your vehicle if you are the current title holder of the vehicle.  Most people already have this coverage on their existing policy.  This is just a precautionary measure and you should not be concerned because all our drivers are licensed and insured.  Please be wary of companies requesting money for insurance separate from your quote.  This may indicate that they are contracting with carriers who do not have the proper insurance.  The cost of insurance has already been incorporated in your tariff for the driver's cost and liability of insurance.  It’s called CARGO insurance.

MYTH #6: We are a 5 Star Company.


Some companies pay people claiming to be customers to post reviews about their companies.  9 times out of 10 a consumer does not seek out a website to give good ratings on a company.  Be wary of a company linking you to a review site with thousands of reviews.  We have heard of companies paying as much as $100.00 to give a review.  We do not engage in any linking to these sites for pay.  We feel that for money the review may be bias in the effort to secure the perk.   We do occasionally ask our customers fill out surveys telling us how their shipment went. We have been in business for 16 years.    Keep that in mind when using rating sites.  We feel its another strategy to make the customer have a false sense of security.  Here is link to one of the rating sites.  Look at what they have to say about warnings on their website.  Transport Reviews-Click Here